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1st to 10th

Under The Big Top 2024

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Our Vision

Our Mission

Our vision for the inaugural International Circus Festival of Las Vegas is to create an electrifying spectacle that celebrates the artistry, diversity, and innovation of the global circus community. Through mesmerizing performances, immersive experiences, and collaborative cultural exchange, we aim to captivate audiences worldwide, establishing Las Vegas as the premier destination for celebrating the timeless magic of the circus.

Our mission at the 1st International Circus Festival of Las Vegas is to ignite wonder, awe, and unforgettable memories in every attendee. Through captivating performances and unparalleled artistry, we aim to showcase the rich diversity and extraordinary talent within the global circus community. By providing a platform for innovation, creativity, and collaboration, we strive to elevate the circus arts to new heights and inspire generations to come. Join us as we embark on a journey of spectacle, excitement, and unparalleled entertainment at the forefront of the world's entertainment capital.

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